The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that is very outstanding in anything that requires critical and analytical ability, for you indeed have a great intelligence and true mental prowess. You are believable and sincere; a person who gives excellent sound advice, usually in a very matter-of-fact way. You plan precisely, and proceed with confidence and assurance. You insist on taking your time in the thought processes, and you rarely ever go off half-cocked. This combination blends a friendliness, originality and independence that is Aquarius, with the discrimination, precision and practical abilities of Virgo. Both signs are noted for producing intelligence, reason and logic. The blended personality is neat, careful and prudent, and shows a persistence toward learning and concentration on detail; there is the ability to detach yourself from personal issues, and focus on the problem that you have at hand. Emotions never interfere with your thinking because of your ability to face facts and to reason things out with a keen critical analysis. Hence, you don't make many mistakes. You are somewhat fastidious in your tastes, neat and orderly, and perhaps particular in dress. Your ability to analyze gives you an intuitive insight into peoples feelings, but your responses are largely restrained, and you come across as being somewhat aloof. Demonstration of affection may need cultivation at times to assure harmony and happiness. You have a great deal of potential in business because of your ability to marshal facts and important information relating to scientific matters, and apply your knowledge in a practical endeavor.